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Rahul's grandmother passed away on Saturday the 6th of June 2009. His grandfather was distraught. They had spent a good many years together. All of Saturday evening, he appeared troubled and sat in a corner, silent as a stone. All of Sunday he cried like a baby, mumbling that she should not have left him like that. On Monday morning he was still the same – perplexed and mumbling yet again about how she could have left him like that. By the same evening he passed away too. And his face, that everyone saw, described it as: completely relaxed and in peace with oneself.

Once I was over the shock, I felt lovely in a strange way; they were quite literally ‘soul mates’ and this was for me, in the truest essence, the purest form of true connection.

Then I wondered whether I would be able to find this kind of love today? And I pretty well knew the answer to it, because this sort of true love is not to be found in today’s blood at all. 

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  1. Fara...u do ur bit...the rest of love will follow...sooner or later:)...I hope so.

    Zakir Hussain's father, the great AR, died when he got to know his daughter was dead...

  2. u know what? i just hit the comments board to reply and realised that i really cant comment.. all i can say is that such men and woman do exist.. but will they be part of your lives, may or may not be so.. i have friends i see around me as examples of such kind.. but they are just tat.. my friends.. :)