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Friendship Forever

As much as anything else that is what tension free personal relationships are about – the ability to connect. And when communication is restrained, the emotional toil can be devastating. We share feelings with a friend by committing ourselves to the relationship for many unfulfilled desires. Some are fulfilled through others, and some they fulfil through us. But when this ceases to happen, feelings are easily hurt, confusion reigns and minor misunderstandings escalate into long standing breaches and then we wish everything would be like it once used to be where nothing quite matched the sense of well being and balance, where communication was honest, clear and free-flowing. Nevertheless, every story doesn’t begin and end like a fairy tale, does it? Life has its demands and asks a heavy toll on relationships that at times leave behind certain traces of strain. Then again, like they say the stars are always shining, just because we cannot see them, doesn’t mean that they don’t exist.

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