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Did Wisdom Really Walk Your Way?

I know what you, you and you know…
Shuffle it again, and some seeds I sow
In thought I cough, and splash more ink
For I know what you, you and you think.

Sometimes I seek to flatter beauty
And love seems nothing but fun-rhymed duty,
Altering the words I do, and edit many times
Make fun of others in satirical lines.

Aged and bald is my hoary head
Tossing in glory I lie on my bed
Learned and respectable, you all accept me
But lunatic with age I am becoming you see.

Hard I try not to fall a prey
But grey cells deplete,
It is not 
in my say.

What you, you and you know, 
I just cannot say.
And you wonder –

Did wisdom really walk your way?

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  1. I have read poetry of some of your other friends....and I must say i was not at the least impressed!!!!! however....its sooooooo refreshing to read a poem thats simple and meaningful without trying to get crazy with words n without messing up other peoples heads!!! hehe....nice farahdeen!! very nice! :)

  2. very nice. rani said it all. I really like this one and learn to dream.