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Practical Recipe

Sundial 17th Century France. Brass. Silver.

My Practical Recipe for Live and Let Live

1. Don’t give yourself the lame and handy excuse of no time. One always has the time, but no inclination or will power.

2. Take less of anything, never more than your capacity. It helps.

3. Discipline your mind to accept things that sometimes may not be agreeable.

4. Take defeat in the right spirit, adverse comment in the correct perspective and give it the value it deserves.

5. If you cannot get what you want, start liking what you get.

6. The concept of consolation is the biggest gift to man.

7. Be methodical in your work, systematic in your approach, humble in your attitude and polite in your dealings.

8. Always be on time. A man who doesn’t respect someone else’s time is not worth being respected.

1 comment:

  1. Couldn't resist adding two more to the list:

    9. Be careful what yoiu wish for; you might just get it.

    10. Life is a cosmic joke. It's up to you to have the last laugh.